Food Packaging and Preservation Small Automatic Sealing Machine


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Mijia Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine Packaging Food Heat Sealer Plastic Bag Pumping Compression 70kPa for Dry and Wet

Product parameters:
Product model: MJFKJO6XM
Rated power: 130W
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Rated voltage: 220V
Net weight of product: approximately 1.6kg
Sealing length: 30cm
Power cord: approximately 1.2m
Maximum pressure of vacuum pump: 70kpa
Product size: 420 × one hundred × 80mm (excluding wire size)

Product features:
–Press free fully automatic
–70kPa high suction
–Common dry and wet ingredients
–Supports vacuum extraction
–Intelligent bagging detection
–Sealing length 300mm
–Detachable sink
–8 major safety protections

matters needing attention:
*Vacuum sealing machine products may generate noise during operation, and it is not recommended to use them for long periods of time and at high frequencies.
*Bag adaptation: Please use textured bags or rice brick bags to vacuum; Ordinary glossy bags can only be sealed and cannot be vacuumed.
*Fresh fruits and vegetables are not suitable for vacuum storage, as they release heat through respiration and are prone to bagging.
*Fish bones, hard shells, and other pointed objects are prone to puncturing during vacuum packaging. The bag needs to be packed with anti puncturing bags before being placed in a vacuum bag for vacuum packaging

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Food Packaging and Preservation Small Automatic Sealing Machine

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