Smart Dual Water Timer Garden Farm Irrigation Controller


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  • Model Number: SGW07
  • Material: Plastic
  • Timer Type: Ac Pro
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Garden Water Timers
  • SGW07: Two-Way Push-Button Sprinkler Timer
  • Smart Dual Water Timer: Programmerbar Automatisk Vanning
  • Yieryi Sprinkler Timer: Garden Farm Irrigation Controller
  • Working Pressure: 0.05~0.8Mpa,0.5-8Bar (7.25 psi-116 psi)
  • Inlet/Outlet Thread: 3/4″ External Thread
  • Waterproof: IP55 Waterproof
  • Water Duration: 1 Min-5h 59Min


Yieryi Sprinkler Timer Smart Dual Water Timer Garden Farm Soil Irrigation Controller Programmable Timed Watering Valve Irrigation Timer with Rain for Homes


【Smart Dual Water Timer】SGW07 is a smart automatic irrigation controller. In contrast to other watering tools with frequent manual watering and no In contrast to other watering tools with frequent manual watering and no control over the amount of water, this is a programmable dual water timer with a rain delay/manual/automatic watering system. Once set up the Smart Sprinkler Timer will automatically water your plants, lawn, pots, nursery, garden, farm, for yard, drip irrigation, outdoor etc. It can even be used to automatically refill your fish tank, aquarium, pool etc.


【Intelligent Programming of Timed Watering】The 2 outlets of the garden hose can be set independently for 3 different schedules, e.g. P1 for morning watering, P2 for afternoon watering and P3 for evening watering. The watering time and frequency of each outlet can be flexibly controlled in order to meet the watering needs of the plants at different times of the day. This sprinkler timer has a maximum flow rate of 35 litres per minute per spout. You can set the watering time from 1 minute to 5 hours 59 minutes for 2 zones and the recurring watering interval can be set from every 1 to 7 days or any day from Monday to Sunday. Make sure your lawn, garden and plants are watered properly and evenly by setting different watering schedules.


【Rain Delay Mode】The Garden Hose Timer has a Rain Delay function that allows users to set a flexible delay time of 1 to 7 days depending on local rainfall conditions. Delay your watering schedule during rainfall and will automatically resume the previous watering schedule to avoid over watering, Used Outdoor to Save Water&Time


【Manual Watering】The Irrigator Has a Manual watering mode, which is very useful when extra watering care is required. The 2 spouts of the irrigation timer can be customised for watering times from 0 minutes to 59 minutes. When the manual watering time is over, the hose timer will switch back to automatic mode without interrupting the preset watering routine.


【Waterproof and Leakproof】IP55 Waterproof, with 3 sealing gaskets and threaded sealing tape for each of the 2 outlets to prevent leakage, and a thick rubber ring on the battery cover to prevent water ingress.


【Easy to Install 】360° Rotatable Interface for easy and quick installation. Built-in metal filter, able to withstand high water pressures from 7.25psi to 116psi, for more stable control of water flow and greater resistance to interference.


【Easy to Use】 Hose Timer for Watering has a 2.5″ LCD display with low battery alert and can be set to lock to avoid accidentally touching the irrigator and interfering with automatic operation.Comes with 2 threaded reducers, 2 male 1/2″ garden hose threads and 2 threaded sealing bands.Hose tap connection is suitable for connection to 3/4″ or 1/2″ size faucets.Two outlets can be connected to any standard 3/4″ or 1/2″ garden outdoor hose.

Dual Water Timer Specifications :

1 . Model : SGW07
2 . Working Temperature : 40.1°F-113°F
3 . Working Pressure : 0.05~0.8Mpa
4 . Working Temperature : 4.5-45℃(40.1°F-113°F)
5 . Working Pressure :  0.5-8Bar (7.25 psi-116 psi)
6 . Inlet/Outlet Thread : 3/4″ External Thread
7 . Waterproof : IP55 Waterproof
8 . Water Duration : 1 Min-5h 59Min
9 . Rain Delay Time:1 day and up to 7days
10 . Water Frequency :Every 1 to 7 days or any day from Monday to Sunday
11 . Max Flow Rate : 35L / Min
12 . PROGRAM : 3 Separate Watering Programs Button
13 . OK/ MANUAL : Confirm and MANUAL Watering Button
14 . “-”  : Decrease Button
15 . “+” : Increase Button
16 . SET : Set your watering schedule
17 . ZONE : Select Zone 1 or Zone 2 to be programmed
18 . Power Supply : 4 x 1.5V AA ALKALINE Batteries(Not Included)
19 . Product Size: 118.6 mm/4.6in  *   140mm/5.5 in  *   62.5mm/2.4 in

Notes on Use:


1. For outdoor use only

2. Clean the flter regularly and replace if it is worn, in order to extend the working life of timer

3. In winter, please remove batteries, drain and store it indoor to keep away from freezing

4. Do not install the timer with tools. Hand tighten ONLY. Use of tools may damage the timer

5. Do not subject the product to extreme force and shock

6. To prevent leakage, make sure that the water timer is tightly attached to the faucet and hose, add rubber washer and thread seal tape if necessary.

7. Zone1 and zone 2 are turned on at the same time, the water output is different

Product Installation :


1. Installation of batteries

1) Remove the battery cover on back of the timer

2) Install 4 new AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries (not included)

3) Firmly reinstall the cover back into the timer


Note :


1. Firmly restore the battery to ensure water resistance.

2. Removed old batteries at the end of the watering season and disposed of them properly.

3. Replace batteries when the low battery indicator appears on display.

4. Please do not insert rechargeable batteries to avoid low voltage.

5. The timer don’t have programmable memory, it need to reset once power off.


2. Installation timer


1) Attach the timer to an outdoor hose faucet.

2) Please turn on the tap after programming the timer.

Troubleshooting Solutions :


Problem 1 :The Water Inlet Leakage


Possible Reasons:


1. No filter or not be placed horizontally

2. The faucet is not the standard “3/4”


Possible Solutions:


1. Add filter and make sure it’ s placed horizontally in the inlet.

2. Make sure the faucet isa 3/4″ faucet.

3. Strengthen it with raw rubber wrap.

4. Use the tape


Problem 2 :The Water Won’t Stop / Flow Out


Possible Reasons:


1. Valve blockage

2. The water pressure is low

3. Wrong way of installation


Possible Solutions:


1. Check the water pressure

2. Check the timer installation

3. Wash the rubber filter


Short Battery Life


Possible Reasons:


1. Mixed use of old and new batteries

2. Used the carbon batteries or rechargeable batteries


Possible Solutions:


1. Use brand new alkaline batteries. Short battery life

2. Rechargeable batteries and carbon batteries have a short and unstable battery life, please use the alkaline batteries instead of them.

Brand Story

World Love , China Made !

YIERYI Brand Was Registered in 2016. The Main Products are Refractometers, PH Meters, Tds, Ec Pens, Soil Meters, Kitchen Scales, and Jewelry Scales. In Order to Ensure the Accuracy of the Data, We Gave Up the Low-Cost Chip, Selected High-Precision Taiwan Imported and South Korea Imported Chips, the Design Chose a Portable Pen-Type Design, Light, Beautiful, and Easy to Carry. All Products will be Tested, Calibrated and Used by Ourselves to Ensure that the Quality is Qualified and Then Promoted. We Want to Let this Healthy Brand Enter Every Family and Every Corner of the World, and Pass on the Dream of ” World Love, China Made ” !


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Smart Dual Water Timer Garden Farm Irrigation Controller

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