Household Bed Sheet Sterilization LED Intelligent Mite Removal Instrument


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  • Communication method: other
  • model: Mijia mite removal instrument pro
  • Power supply mode: Plug-in type
  • rated power: 400w (included) -600w (not included)
  • voltage: 220V
  • Working principle: Ultraviolet ultrasonic vibration and tapping suction
  • operating mode: handheld
  • Weight: 2.06kg
  • additional function: Ultrasound induced dust mite removal by ultraviolet radiation
  • Type of mite removal device: Wired mite removal instrument

The size specifications of the Mijia Mite Remover Pro are as follows:
Packaging size: 385 * 155 * 272mm
Body size: 265 * 246 * 142mm
Net weight of product: approximately 2.06kg
AC power cord length: 4m

Mijia Mite Remover Pro ●
14kPa hurricane suction
LED intelligent display
Intelligent suction adjustment
Ultrasonic physical mite suppression
UV sterilization
Visualization Capsule Dust Cup

1. Adopting a patented electric roller brush with an independent motor for high-speed rotation, it drives the rubber strip and soft bristles to perform 48000 sweeps per minute. The spiral structure allows the bristles to sweep away dust and mites, making it soft and clean without damaging the fabric.
2. Equipped with a 254nm wavelength UV lamp, the UV lamp effectively inactivates mites and achieves a removal rate of 99%,
The sterilization rate reaches 99%. Equipped with distance sensing safety protection, it automatically turns off the UV light when leaving the cleaning surface to avoid UV leakage.
3. Upgrade to use specific frequency ultrasound to act on mites, which can inhibit the feeding and reproduction of dust mites during their life cycle. Pure physical removal of mites, no chemical residue, and peace of mind and purification of mites.
4. Equipped with a 400W18 high-performance motor, it can release hurricane suction of up to 14kPa. With a 20cm9 wide suction port, it can directly reach the depths of the bedding, extract deep-seated mites and their excreta, remove allergens, and maintain a long-lasting high suction force. It can be used as new for a long time.
5. Newly upgraded cyclone dust separation duct, combined with precision steel filter screen, filter element, and filter cotton to form a four fold net filter; While capturing dust mites, the dust and gas can be separated quickly without blockage, maintaining high suction at all times.
6. Remove mites while delivering 55 ° C hot air to reduce mite activity deep in the mattress. Continue drying to keep the bedding dry and fluffy, making it difficult for bacteria and mites to regenerate.
7. Equipped with an LED digital screen and built-in intelligent sensing system, it can monitor fabric dust mites in real-time. The intelligent sensing ring automatically changes three colors to clearly display the current status of dust mites.
8. New 0.5L capsule dust cup key disassembly and dust pouring experience

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Household Bed Sheet Sterilization LED Intelligent Mite Removal Instrument

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